THE EQUATOR,Uganda (Series)

2.400,00 kr

Ink on Fabriano 250g cotton paper.

I found a puddle right on the flippin’ equator! It was only a two and a half hour (bumpy) ride south of Kampala, Uganda. In the two weeks I spent in Uganda I made several artworks around the country, but to me, this one (and another, smaller piece) really stands out because it was created literally just a few centimeters off the exact location of the equator.

The coordinates on this piece indicate precisely where the artwork was made. 

Dimensions: 45x64.5cm.

This signed original artwork will be accompanied by its very own certificate of authenticity.

The artwork was made using NONTOXIC ink consisting of carbon(soot) and sap from the leaves of the moon flower to make sure the ecosystem in the water is not affected. Furthermore I only use a few drops of ink of which most stick to the paper

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